Michelles reason WHY.

I would like to introduce myself.



My name is Michelle, I am 31 years old living in San Diego, California. I consider myself no one special (but that’s my humble opinion.) I grew up with a loving family: 2 supportive parents and 2 of the most outgoing and smart siblings. Whom like most families, share a love/ hate relationship with. I am probably considered the black sheep of my family but I tend to have a quality most of my friends can either consider my flaw or my greatest attribute: Eternal Optimist.

Seriously, sometimes I can feel like a great superhero. Other times, this everlasting positive attitude can be draining. Nonetheless, the former always reminds me to strive for better days. If you haven’t read the about, or about me section yet I want to fully explain the concept of this project.

Becoming the Korean Queen

You see, last year 2015 I did something I never thought I would have the chance to do my whole life. I moved to my parents home country of the Philippines for almost a year. I was born and raised here in the state of California, USA. I have only been to the Philippines once in my life when I was very young. My grandmother told me her one wish in life was for me to someday come live with her to experience and learn about my heritage. So that’s exactly what I did. Taking advantage of accompanying my mother on her 40th college reunion, packed my things and went on a journey with no plan. (That’s really some ballsy stuff right?). I learned many things when I was there: my culture, my family, and most importantly myself.

Towards the last 100 days of my journey there is where I first started a 100 day challenge. I challenged myself to write about 100 days of living in Asia (#100DaysOfAsia), and 100 happy days (#100HappyDays). Everyday, I made sure to write and document at least one thing a day about my life in Asia, and what made me happy. No matter how small or big the experience was I was always grateful for what I was blessed with. That I was still here on the opposite side of the world, with a language I couldn’t speak, a culture I never grew up in, away from my friends and family. I knew one thing for certain: I was still alive and breathing.

At the end, it changed me into a completely different person. A person with an ever-growing mind, heart and appreciation for life itself.

Now exactly a year later of when that chapter ended, I have decided to propose another challenge until the end of this year. In exactly 100 days from now it will be the day before the new year of 2016. I am very excited to see where this journey will take me. Three months ago, I have been changing my mind-set, practicing positive ideas and have ever been so lucky to experience many wonderful and new things. I feel like I can only move forward to better things. Amazing things are coming and I want to make sure that I help others on my journey by inspiring them they too can change their life.

I am ever so grateful for the friends (old and new) and family that have been by my side and supportive of the things I believe in. I have met such amazing people and feel the world still has so much more to offer and show. I do have wishes to accomplish in these next 100 days. Simple as they may sound, I am very happy and looking forward to it:

  • Witness a miracle
  • Inspire someone
  • Go someplace I have never been before
  • Conquer a fear
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Love More

I hope you will enjoy reading and watching my journey. I hope that this can provide an idea/movement to help remind people they can always live better days. I encourage everyone who supports this project to repost #100dayslikethis movement.

Please feel free to use my hashtag! I would also love to feature other’s inspiring stories!



Creator of the Happy Squad Blog


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