So hopefully you aren’t wondering what “Days Like This” means.

I am most certain everyone has had multiple experiences that embody this idea.

  • That one time you finally were able to ride a bicycle on 2 wheels.
  • Moments where you are hanging out with friends and you laugh until your stomachs and cheeks hurt.
  • A family dinner where everyone is gathered together with no problems at all.
  • The dress/sneakers you’ve always wanted finally went on sale.
  • You finally perfected your bbq or cooking skills.
  • The job you wanted, called to offer you the job.
  • The first kiss from the one you like.
  • That on one of your worst days, your hair still looks amazing.
  • Catching the sunset on a clear day.

The list can go on and on. It’s when something happens in your day that makes you sit back, breathe, and say:

“I wish there were more days like this.

Those simple or big moment’s we have that just makes you appreciate the things in life. Everyone lives for these moments. Problem is, everyone tends to forget that you can have these moments. No matter how small they are. No, I’m not proposing the idea that EVERYDAY should ALWAYS be super happy. I’m here to help spread the idea that even if you have a bad day you can take the time to appreciate the good in your life.

We are all in fact, human beings. We all have something in common: Feelings. With those feelings, it can affect your attitude. Cliche as it sounds, the only person that can control that is YOU. And it all starts with a little thing I call


What I am hoping to accomplish is to document my perspective on what I live for in my days like this challenge. I really hope that this idea will spread and that other people will be able to share their #100dayslikethis challenge. I think it’s a powerful and magical thing when you see others perspective on happy days. It makes you humble, enlightened, and strive to also live for better days.

Because you can, and you will have them. You just have to believe you can live for them.

I want to show everyone that it’s okay to have bad days, but you sure as hell should know it’s BETTER to have good ones.

Change your perspective, change your mind.

Join me in the #100dayslikethischallenge and let’s see how far we can take it.

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