Join the Happy Squad Movement #100dayslikethis

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If you haven’t read the reason for #100dayslikethis CLICK HERE NOW!


The intent of this project is to document a 100 day challenge I gave myself.

 To live before the new year 100 days like this.

-Michelle Anne

I hope that people will get inspired about where i’m heading with my #100dayslikethis movement.

So I am challenging you to see how many #100dayslikethis you can try to live before 2015 is up!

If you would like to be featured please email me or simply hashtag #dayslikethis on IG or FB… and maybe you could be featured on my (hopefully) #dayslikethis weekly feature!

If you want to participate here are some ideas of things you would want to capture:


There is absolutely no limit! Once again, its all about perspective!

Your version of what kind of day you think is amazing.

Michelle at

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