Day 2- Unexpected Surprises

Today, started just like every other day. Wake up, take care of my father and bring him to his various appointments and daily errands. Earlier this week, I had found out I won free tickets to this weekends Bridal Bazaar in San Diego. Since I am currently not married, engaged or taken for that matter i decided to pay it forward and offer the free tickets to my friends online! Because when receiving happiness or luck you must also learn to give back. (That’s just good karma you know?). I had just finished talking to my sister who was at the airport ready for a flight to Seattle. As I hung up on her from the phone i decided to check my email. Low and behold i received a congratulations email from a local radio station that I had won free tickets and an invitation to a private tailgate party for the FOO FIGHTERS.


I had been trying for 2 weeks to call in to win tickets but i always never made it to the designated caller. However, there I was sitting down invited to a concert that would start in less than 3  hours! So here I am, getting ready for the concert. Either it was just all a coincidence, or good karma really does exist! Either way…………

I really love #dayslikethis!! Unexpected surprises and prizes! I am ever so grateful! I am about to be on my way to the concert so i will update you all later on what happened!

Ready TO ROCK OUT!!!

———————————————————————————————————————————-to be continued

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from my concert experience with the FOO FIGHTERS.


We had tickets to the lawn area, but it was fine by my because we were exclusively invited to the Miller Tent for free beers and food which were at least triple overpriced in the concert.


20150924_210455 20150924_203824 20150924_185342 20150924_184416

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