Day 3- Inspire those around you.


     I really believe in the old age saying that your first best friends and enemies are your siblings (If you were fortunate as I am to have 2 of them). This is my sister Misty and growing up I’d say we probably didn’t get along as much. When you’re kids you always tend to learn the hard way. I think that growing up I took my sister for granted because she was always there! But hey, that’s why we’re called kids you learn lots of stuff! However, even though we fought my parents raised us with the values to love each other and be kind to people. Blood is thicker than water they say, and I am glad that my parents instilled in us those values. Now that we are grown up, we have never been any closer and she is my true best friend forever.

Day 3 is dedicated to one of the positive motivational forces within my life. This one is for you MIMI!

   During my recent lucky streak my sister and I have been thinking of different ways to live a happy life or to find something fun to do. Misty is a very hardworking and down to earth leader. She is always down for anything, friendly ear to listen and overall caring person. I want to add that Misty and Vic (Sorry fellas, that’s her boyfriend) make such a great team in always spreading love and happiness. Put both of them in the room and you have great positive energy. That’s why I am very proud that she had decided to enter the “Fly it Forward” contest by Jet Blue airlines.


A little about the contest:” If you were to spread good, where would you go?”. Contestants then had to pick a destination and write what they would do to spread good in that city. The winner would receive 2 round trip tickets and a chance to do their wishes. Here is Misty’s entry:


About a year ago, Misty and Vic lost a very important friend who had made such a big impact on their lives. A girl named Ally. Misty and Vic had told me numerous stories on how this one person was “full of life and passion for adventure.” However, she was taken away too soon by Graves Disease. (An immune system disorder of the butterfly shaped gland in the throat (thyroid). That is said to be fatal if untreated immediately. Unfortunately, her condition was misdiagnosed and her fate gave her only a few months to live when found. Because of that, Ally lived the rest of her days being kind and inspiring to her friends and family (Misty and Vic especially).

Misty decided that if she won, she would dedicate these tickets in honor of Ally’s spirit. By repaying Ally’s message by showering random acts of kindness to the people of Seattle. Reminding that simple acts and reminders can bring a smile to someone who might need it.

The advantage for Misty in all of this? Why a free trip to Seattle, one of her top bucket list destinations! I am sure that Ally is smiling down on Misty and Vic right now for the good that they will be doing this weekend. She deserves it and I am happy for the lucky people in Seattle that get to encounter Misty and Vic’s acts of kindness.

We all need days like this. Everyone can pay the kindness forward. 

Inspire, or be inspired.



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