Day 4- Love Notes


            Today I was inspired to go out to spread love and happiness. With all the positive vibes that the people around me were creating it would be a surprise not to.  Since today was a beautiful day in San Diego I decided to head to our famous Balboa Park for a picnic.

Tips for Happiness:

Self Love and Happiness is being able to go on a date with yourself. (And be completely fine with that)

Recently one of my best friends (who is basically my sister) Risa, has been working on a spread love project. Sending anonymous love letters and leaving them in places to brighten someones day. It’s a very romantic idea on sending love letters to random people. In this world there are a lot of people out there who may be lonely, content, or even happy people who could use a little more love in their life. It just made sense for me to combine the ideas and inspiration from the 2 people I care about the most. So i got inspired and went to write love notes AND do random acts of kindness.


I rented a bike and rode to many places at Balboa Park and left my love notes like Easter eggs. Along the way I tried to perform simple acts of kindness to people I passed by. Such as: offering to take group pictures, giving directions to people who looked lost, and smiling and waving at the little children that saw me as I rode on by.



I wrote 7 letters, 6 which contained an intent for hope and happiness. the last one of which was a thank you card. I honestly, didn’t have a plan going to the park today. Which probably, made my day even more fulfilling. It became my mission to find unique places it would be great to discover a hidden love note.


At the end of hiding my “love notes” I was looking on what I would do the very last letter. As I rode my bike back to the opposite end of the park I passed by a man really into strumming on his guitar. Many people passed him by as he sat in a corner alone jamming out.

Last weekend, I took a special friend to Balboa Park last week. As we walked around the park we had passed by an older gentleman playing on his guitar. I was so interested in his music and had wanted to compliment him. The person I was with asked me why didn’t I just ask him? I guess at the time I was just shy and didn’t have the courage to do it. Which is why I was surprised the timing was right today. I needed to give one more letter of love. So I stopped and complimented the man on his guitar playing and singing.

It was a great feeling because the man played his song just for me with feeling and soul. I was so happy that I finally had courage in the moment to stop and appreciate someones passion. I then offered my thank you card as a thanks for his playing. Explained to him that I thought it was cool he was out here playing. That I hoped he would continue to do what he loves. He was so grateful and appreciative that I stopped by. I took advantage of the moment and asked him to take a picture!


This was by far the most interesting picnic I have ever had. I have never done anything like this before and it was an indescribable feeling sending anonymous positive messages to people. I hope today i reach out to at least one person with my letters or even someone online.

We need more days like this.

Spreading love, joy and kindness.

The world will never have enough of it.


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