Day 5- Briday Funday


Since winning my Bridal Bazaar tickets last week I decided to treat my good friend and future bride to Trevor, Kiara to the main event.

I’ve never been to one of these things but it was really interesting in all the things I saw. I’ve always been curious and drawn into both the event planning and the romanticism of a wedding cake. It really is kind of magical.


A friend once told me that when you see engaged couples, its a reminder that love still exists.


I was very pleased to watch Kiara as she talked to the many vendors for the many possibilities for her 2017 wedding. If you’ve never been to one there are many vendors such as: Caterers, photographers, bakers, venues, DJ and bands, transportation, designers, make up artists, travel Guides (for your honeymoon), and even party planners for your bachelorette.

20150927_150832 20150927_141334 20150927_140457

I didn’t realize just how much planning it takes, I was overwhelmed! To any of my friends or readers who had a grand wedding or are going to have one I definitely admire you. I think after going to one of these, I decided what I want for myself. The man who I will marry someday is going to have to be okay with a small simple wedding.

I can do without all the big things and headaches. But if there was something grand… I would have to say I would love a nice cake. I am a pastry chef after all! Seeing the other bakers and doing cake tastings reminded me that I need to dabble in my baking again. If I took one thing out of the event was that I was pretty inspired by their creations.

20150927_145353 20150927_145413

20150927_145438Anyways, the day ended after watching the bridal fashion show. It also ended in a good note because the future bride Kiara won a pampering session. When friends receive good things it’s a great feeling.




Congrats Kiara for winning and to your engagement to Trevor. Opposite as you may be, you truly are one in the same. Both fun, caring people who were meant for each other.


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