Day 8- New York in San Diego


        This year I am having the opportunity to work with Sundance for the San Diego Film Festival. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet and work for Deanna this weekend. Only having met on skype once I am glad she knew that she wanted to work with a person like me. Though we were two strangers from opposite coasts it felt like we knew each other for a long time.


                  Deanna is one of the coolest person I’ve met this year. She works for Sundance/AMC and gets to fly to all the different film festivals around the country. What inspires me about her is that she can go to all these places and make new friends wherever she goes. It takes a certain kind of person to have the courage to do that. I’m assuming most people will go to different events by themselves or not attend at all. Which is why today I was pleasantly surprised when she invited me to attend the opening screening and after party for Day 1 of the San Diego Film Festival.


             I have never been to or imagined I would get to go to one of these things. So when she asked if i wanted to go of course I said yes! I’ve always wanted to see what went on in one of these things. I’d definitely have to say the experience of attending the VIP events and networking with the many people in the industry was an interesting experience.

         However, ill spare you from all from the details because my reason for this post wasn’t to brag.

(Ok.. Well maybe just a little bit. I was standing 100 feet from Adrien Brody. But I swear that’s it!)


                The lesson of today is that you should remember there are AWESOME people everywhere. NEVER stop making NEW friends because you never know where you may end up. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn to say YES. You never know what surprise lies ahead for you when you are open to that thought.


                  Even for just one night, thanks to Deanna I got to experience what it felt like to be a VIP in the film festival world. That’s why I called it New York in San Diego. It’s not everyday I can have the chance to feel like a VIP and take selfies with celebrities. For that, I am grateful for having such an awesome boss. It will definitely be an interesting next few days here at the San Diego Film Festival.


Its days like this when I want to remind everyone to be grateful and open.

Try it sometime, you might get lucky too.

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