Day 9- Ode of a #TBT

In life, you got to through the bad to grateful for the good.

To live a happy life, you must remember where you come from.


                 Honestly, I wanted to save any sort of throwback thursday post towards the end of my project. I felt that if I wrote a tiny piece about it now (I think maybe, just maybe)  people will have a little bit of understanding of what my purpose of what this project is all about.

           On the surface I may seem like an optimistic, cheerful, and energetic person. But TRUST me, it took A LONG time to get the inside to reflect that happiness on the outside. “Throwing it back on a Thursday”… Yes, I’ve had my heart-broken probably a million times. Been let down by many disappointments. Gone through difficult situations. Failures, losses, self-esteem issues, you name it. I’ve had my own share of stories that broke my heart.

To the point that, believe it or not, I completely lost myself.


           But not everyone knows that about me and its a scary thing to put it out here for the world to see. But I am not afraid because I’m not that person anymore. So here I am, willing to share with you what I did to get me to this place of positivity. Starting this blog, I am still not really sure if anyone will ever read what I have to say. However, there is one thing I know for sure. That at this moment in my life I have never felt more ALIVE, HAPPY, PASSIONATE and THANKFUL for all the great things that have happened to me this past year (good or bad).

For that luck, I wanted to give back and hopefully inspire someone who they too can get to this place of happiness.


          Throughout this 100 day project I hope that others will be inspired to want to live a positive life. I have given advice to many friends who have gone through many bad times in their life. Helped spark some other personal journeys to positivity as well. Just know you are not alone, and that I have been to that place before. It really all starts with your perception and how you will choose to live your life each day. I consider myself living proof that by changing the way you perceive things and being proactive can and will lead you to true happiness and love.

Its soooooooooo annoying but it’s so true when they say:

The person who deserves the most love you could ever give someone is to: YOURSELF.

Take a risk. Find your days like this.

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