Day 10- Sharing is caring.


Today is my 3rd day with being at the San Diego Film Festival. Never attend or worked for a film festival before so it’s been an unexpected privilege to be here. Every day, I get more pleasant surprises as I get to fully immerse myself in these experiences. It just shows how perception made me such a grateful person. The more grateful you are for things, the more inclined you are to see what the blessings you have.

Chef K of Fast Food Caterers
Stella Artois Hosted Bar

                   Tonight, I invited my little sister AB to be my date to the SD Film Fest ” Reframed party with a purpose”. Out of all the people I know AB is another positive persona that matches my positivity. She’s very hardworking and I know she deserved a night out like I did.


         Thanks to Deanna and Sundance we got to be invited as VIP. Free food, free drinks, free photos on the red carpet? How awesome is that? I got to make some new friends from the festival as well. Locals, tourists, event planners, caterers, film makers, producers, to even co workers that became friends.

Live Graffiti Wall
A Truck that makes stone oven pizza.


The most exciting part was when AB entered the ping pong contest and won a grand prize for VIP passes to next years Film Fest!

Winning Shot

Sharing is caring especially when you give and are truly happy to share good fortune. It does a magical thing and spreads a kind of ripple effect to those around you. Days like this makes me ecstatic that unexpected surprises keep coming my way & it keeps getting better.

So today I wanted to remind you that when donned with good fortune you should learn to share them. It only makes the luck feel 10x better.

What kind of ripple effect do you want to spread around you?

To My New Friends.

David, Joshua, AB and I at the photobooth
Shawn and Deanna

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