Day 11- 100 Rejections


              Day 11, I worked at the Sundance booth for the San Diego Film Festival. Giving away free things to people for signing up. I’m bewildered by the fact so many people are skeptic of receiving free things. That things are always too good to be true. Honestly, not everything has a catch. But through human experience most were probably scarred in thinking that way. Its unfortunate, but true that sometimes we miss the good things in life because we don’t believe we are capable of such luck.


            Working at the Film Fest, I was reminded of rejection. I faced countless rejections of people telling all sorts of excuses of not wanting to hear what I had to say. I faced countless rejections of people telling all kinds of excuses of not wanting free stuff.
But you know what always keeps me going? A positive attitude.
           Fear of rejection will always keep you from your end goal. So what I do is I practice ending a rejection with a smile. It ALWAYS leads to someone else paying attention & curious to what you have to offer. It then reminds you that life can be that easy.
                 I’m happy to say, in spite of being rejected 100 times for my sales, the right people were attracted to it. It’s day like this for you to remember to always keep going. How you react will inevitably be your outcome. Whether in sales, careers, school, love or your ambitions: Don’t get discouraged on whatever you aim for.
If you want it badly enough, results will come easier and better than expected.
Smile, the rest will follow.
Day 12 here I come, I’m ready for 100 more. 😊😊😊

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