Day 12- Burritos and Beers

Texas Burrito- Pokez

 Im not going to lie, even though it was a rainy day in San Diego I had a great Sunday! I may have not made the goals I made for myself at the festival, but I got a greater taste of the good life. After being determined to chase down clients and hand out freebies I definitely over enjoyed myself (i didn’t even know that was possible!)

The festival had a private VIP Culinary tasting event at the theater. Since we were sponsors, we tried all the tastings we could from the master chefs at the event. All weekend we received free sponsored beer and cider from Stella Artois.

After a hard day at work today, my boss decided went to celebrate the long weekend with my co workers at Pokez Mexican Vegetarian Restaurant and IPA’s at Hodad’s in Downtown San Diego.

Compliments of Chef K
Hosted Stella Artois… you must try this beer!

If you live in San Diego or visiting I recommend eating Mexican food! We have the best available. California Burrito, Carna asada burrito, carne asada fries, tacosx10! (I am still in search of my favorite btw)

Rolled Tacos- Pokez

Days like this makes me happy that food brings people together. After all the stress, food is comfort for the soul.

Tday I remind you, when you work hard make sure you treat yourself to some good food (and beer). Everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while. 


**dedicated to my docclubfam**

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