Day 13- After the rain is gone.


            Everybody knows that it NEVER rains in San Diego.

                One of my close friends Sakura, came to grace me with her presence all the way from the country of Japan. In the beginning of our tourist day we were both downcast on this sudden forecast. However, the two of us didn’t falter from letting the rain act as a deterrent to her much anticipated San Diego adventure. To our surprise, the sun’s incandescent rays peeked its opening arms behind the disappearing clouds.


             Honestly, being able to see San Diego through tourists eyes never fails to remind me how beautiful my city is. Having accidental opportunities to witness scenes like this and capture them on camera always gets me in a poetic mood. I shift from being in the mind of a crazed hostess to a grateful being who’s thankful that I can see the beauty of the reason on why so many travel far to come here.

Hello Rain. Its Sakura.
Hello Tree.

             Yes, besides the fact that Socal drivers can’t drive in the rain to save their life, we needed this rain. (We are still in a California drought.) Literally and or metaphorically, after the rain is gone it always brings back good feelings and good things.


I think i’m going to let my readers marinate on this thought:

 Days like this reminds me how I feel after the rain goes away.

 A picture is worth a thousand words.

How do you feel?


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