Day 14- International Inspirations


On day 3, I paid tribute to my sister Misty for her inspiring story.  Day 14,  is dedicated to my Brother Mark for his.


Many people know my brother by his nickname “Porky”. However,  to me he is the youngest of our family and definitely the most ambitious. Like I said before, the first best friends and enemies you have in life (if you’re lucky to have any) are your siblings. Growing up with them we didn’t always get along. But that’s what siblings are for right? They unintentionally challenge you to become better people. They are in fact the people who know you the most.

I’m very excited for all the good things coming mark’s way. He always had a passion for traveling and making his “mark” (pun intended ) on the world. He has worked very hard to get where he is now.  My family and I are proud that it is finally announced that he is now appointed in charge kpop idol and management for “A K-Pop Project”.


It’s days like this we should all be reminded to dream big. Take a lesson from Mark. Because there’s no distance too far or ambition too high that you can’t reach. Just keep going,  if you want it badly enough you’ll end up exactly where you want to be.

This one is for you little brother.  We’re all proud of you.

To learn more about “A K-Pop Project ” please visit:

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