Day 15- Sakura named me 咲希

Balboa Park Botanical Garden

Meet Sakura: 22/F world traveler, pharmacist student, lives in Osaka, Japan. She is probably one of the few people who are actually my height. (Super happy someone could be on my level. Literally! LOL!) She is one of the few girls that I know that can travel alone and be open to meeting new people so easily.  I am so happy that she decided to visit me all the way from Japan these past few days.

When one door closes…
Mission Beach Lifeguard tower 13
beach days
No more rain! yay!

I’ve met many interesting and amazing new friends from around the world. One of the things that I am grateful for is that I love being a cultured person. It attracted me in making new friends that accepted my liking to their culture that they gave me special names. To my friends in different countries I am known by different names. In Korea, I am Jung Soo Young (정 소영). In China, they call me Mi Xin Li (米欣丽).

Seeing as I didn’t have a Japanese one, I asked Sakura if she would do the honor. She blessed me with the name “Saki”. Saki or 咲希 mean: blossom or future. Sakura chose this Japanese name for me because she said my name meant “continue to bloom for your future.” She said she truly liked in my idea of my blog to spread kindness and inspiration. Sakura wished that I’d keep going in this direction. Blooming positivity! Even though we met twice, I feel as if I’ve known her forever.

Cherry Blossom naming me bloom for the future.

Thanks Sakura for reminding me the beauty of my city. Everytime I think of my name ill remember your wishes and your friendship.

Taking Hipster Photos with Sakura at Balboa Park

Friendship isn’t measured by how long you’ve know someone.”…


Its days like this that want to remind you…

What kind of future do you want  blossomed?”


Fun at the Spanish Art Village
Driving adventures
take a bite out of life
Saki and Sakura!

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