Day 19- Through the eyes of a child

Arleia Miakris

One of the things that I truly love is being around kids. Even though i don’t have any of my own it always sparks my curiosity on what ideas develop in their head. I’ve worked with high-school aged children to being around all my nieces, nephews, god children and friends kids that i cant help but try to observe and interact with them. Today, was a special day because i got to hang out with 2 of my god children: Arleia Miakris and Ruffiedan.

Ruffiedan showing his little sister how to play with toy guns.

                      It always inspires and intrigues me with child development. Ask any parent and they will probably be the most proud of even the tiniest accomplishments their child has done. Such as: first words, first steps, creating something, etc.  However, what I take notice of when I see a child is I identify a being who is constantly learning and unafraid of anything.

Hi Auntie Michelle im eating your necklace
Gift from Auntie. Flower Power!

Most of the day I spent it playing with Arleia and watching her as she tumbled around the house.  She would be very eager to show me toys to play with her. Be fearless and jump from couch to couch. When she got hurt, she would immediately tell you. Even the negative things like crying for attention.

snapchat with lei lei

We tend to forget what it was like living with the mind of a child. They are experiencing everything for the very first time and are full of wonder. Have you ever noticed they can cry one minute and laugh the next? As we grow older that’s when we start drawing the boundaries and lines. We learn to hide our emotions, stop taking risks and tend to start looking at the world through multiple lenses/views/ideas. They have no filters because they haven’t learned any. That what makes the eyes and mind of a child so special.

Its days like this, to remind you that once in a while you should take a lesson from a child.

Try to experience everything as if you’re just seeing things for the very first time, or that you’ve never been hurt, and say what you really feel.

Arleia and Ruffiedan

             Only then we are able to smile a little more and be mad or sad a little less.


Shall I kiss you?
What a risk taker!
Auntie time!

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