Day 20- Love Notes International


         There’s a quote someone once told me:

 We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.

I truly believe that. Every person we meet were meant to come our way. Be it for a minute, a day, or even years. I am blessed with the gift to meet people and make friends so easily. Throughout the years I am very grateful for the people I have encountered far and wide. I have traveled to many places and thanks to my brother have hosted new friends and family from around the world.

In this generation we are so used to sending Facebook messages, Instagram likes, Snapchats, and or other social media/chat line outlets. None of which are replaceable for an old fashioned handwritten letter. Though we are a million miles apart I decided to pick a couple of my friends and send them a love letter. Thoughts of happiness and positivity to show that their friendship was valued all the way in San Diego.

To my International friends: I hope you will receive my letters and that it puts a smile on your face. One day, we will all be reunited again. Until then, live your life confidently, free and happy!

              Its days like this, to be grateful for the people you meet. Even though you may not know the reason for why they were meant to cross you, it’s a humbling feeling that you are thought of somewhere in this world.

Dedicated to my friends in:

China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Sweden, France, Brazil, Spain, Romania, Germany, and Denmark.

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