Day 22- National Dessert Day



                    There are so many “National” holidays that are really hard to keep track of. (Most of which are consumer driven, but hey it works!) Today I was very excited when I saw in the world-wide web news that it was “National Dessert Day!”. For those of you who don’t know, here is a long story short about Desserts and I:

                2 years ago I became a certified pastry chef. Upon finishing, I flew to the Philippines to learn about my heritage, culture and to fulfill the wish of spending time with my aging grandmother. (Thus creating the #100daysofAsia challenge which inspired #100dayslikethis). When I came back to the United States I intended to start my career as a pastry chef. Sadly due to unfortunate circumstances my father fell ill and I decided to stall my ambitions in order to make sure he recovered. The rest of this story is yet to be told.

                     However, my passion for baking desserts and culinary aspirations are never at rest. When I find free time, I create made to order items as a side business. I also happily artistically make entrees and desserts for my guests and family. So today, I decided to honor “National Dessert Day” to see if my magic was still in tact. Low and behold my creations for today.

Mini Swedish Apple Pies (Inspired by my friends Andrea and Marie from Sweden)
Homemade Raspberry Pate Choux and Pastry Cream—- (Inspired by my French Brothers: Mathieu G, Mathieu YNOT, Komlan and JB)
Homemade Pate Choux and Pastry Cream
Up Close Mini Swedish Apple Pie
Pate Choux

Why did I make such fancy dessert? Because I can, and to treat myself to something delicious. I wanted to make something light, fun and different from your normal cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Aren’t these desserts giving you a sweet tooth?

Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Ok, So this is the only dessert I didn’t make by scratch. But I still make delicious ice cream and granitas.
Pretty Rusty…. but it still tasted delicious nonetheless.

Its day’s like this to remember you there is NEVER a bad time for eating dessert. Once in a while we have to treat ourselves to something sweet. We deserve it! Also never forget your passions. One of my passions is my love for creating culinary art. I am happy today that I got to celebrate that. Enjoy!

-Chef Chellies Kitchen


The holidays are coming up and I am open for business! Reserve your holiday desserts from me!!

Email me, Michelle at


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