Day 23- Different Perspectives


Today I decided to start reading a book called, “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff. In this book it’s explains the concept of taoism for westerners using the Winnie the pooh characters. For me, I think it is very interesting because it reveals how each character solves their problem. Where essentially the main character, Winnie the Pooh, is the example of a taoist master.

Ever since I was a kid I LOVED reading books. My mom used to bring my siblings and I to libraries every weekend to check out books. I remember sometimes we would get “book happy” and check out so much that we would forget the ones we were reading. My mom would scold us because late fees would rack up (most of the time was because we really liked the books and we didn’t want to return them). When my mother figured that out she would just go out and buy us the books we liked or gave us money for the book fairs. If you were to ask my siblings and I what our favorite books were, we probably couldn’t tell you. I’ve read so many that its hard to keep track. My mom was an avid reader as well. She could go through probably 2 books a day. She had so many books she basically had her own library.

I completely credit my mother for giving us the gift of books. I am pretty sure that is why I have this passion for writing. I’ve been writing in journals and creating my own “books” since I learned how to write. I have never been more happy. This has given me the chance to write multiple blogs and continue to have a creative mind. I think its important that we read books (or blogs :P) because it gives you a chance to step into the mind of its authors. Therefore giving you multiple perspectives on life, ideas, solutions, and love.

It’s days like this that remind me that we should enrich our lives by reading books. Were so engrossed by quick reads such as buzzfeed, twitter, tabloids, which I call basically junk. However, there is nothing wrong with reading those things, even i indulge in that guilty pleasure. But there is just something about a book that can never be replaced. Maybe it’s the smell, the feel, or the way that you can physically interact with it. But from time to time, we should learn to like picking up a book and give our eyes a break from our technology and expand our perspectives.

Set an example:

Let reading be your superpower. 

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