Day 24- Birthdays


This weekend I celebrated the birthdays of my cousins (sisters that have birthdays 2 days apart). Many special people in my life are born towards the end of the year. The upcoming months from October-December will undoubtedly be filled with birthdays, holidays and love. However birthdays are a wonderful thing to bring friends and family together as to they are a never ending reason to celebrate.

A special Happy Birthday to my cousin Athena
And another special Happy Birthday to my cousin Leen

I am probably the person the most excited when someone celebrates a birthday. Even when someone doesn’t feel like celebrating I am usually the first to greet them with a hug, kiss and a smile. For anyone that knows me I even take my whole birthday month to celebrate the gift that I am alive. It also makes it more special and happier when you have someone to share that special day with. It makes me grateful that because of birthdays we can catch up and hang out with old friends and family.

My pastrie cakes for my favorite sisters

12165766_10153792852283013_1302551086_n                       Whenever your birthdays are within the year you should celebrate you’re alive. Out of thousands of miracles you were chosen. Its days like this to remember that there is always someone in this world that is thinking of you and thinks you’re special. Remember you were born as a gift to this world.



Birthday Shots

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