Day 27-29: A Family Matter

My Dad getting on the ambulance.

          On the morning of October 19, my father was brought into the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego. Being my fathers caretaker I’m very observant to his mood and health changes. Something about this particular morning was very different from his usual self. Honoring my fathers cries of pain, I immediately dialed 911 and called for help.

Taking care of someone else’s well-being is nothing to take lightly. Especially, if it’s of someone you love and that they are in a fragile state.

EMT’s securing my father.

I am very grateful that the ambulance was able to take him to the hospital in time before anything major were to happen. If it weren’t for the care of the wonderful staff at Balboa Naval Hospital, we wouldn’t have been able to discover that he had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). In other words, he had suffered a mini stroke.

  This is the 3rd stroke this year my father has survived. Even though it was mini, it was still a stroke nonetheless.

He’s a fighter.

My mother and I nervously awaiting results in the ER.

I know my father is embarrassed of his pictures in the hospital, but i think its great to remember how far you came. What struggles one and their family must go through. With these pictures comes as a reminder to be grateful he has accomplished so much.

Were happy he’s here and alive!

It’s really days like this to cherish the ones you love and care about.


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