Day 32- Celebrate Life

Today we celebrated the life of my dad’s auntie: Virginia Garcia Camillo Diego. She lived a happy and full life. Never had the chance to really get to know her. However, I know her death affected my fathers life for she was someone he called family. The most important theme this weekend was the importance of family ties. 

Even though my father just got out of the hospital for his stroke, he wanted to make sure our family would go and pay respect to an important member of his own. We were grateful because we got to receive love from all walks of life in our family. Reunited with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents we haven’t seen for so long.

Being around supportive people no matter what reason is good for the soul. Whether its mourning, recovering, or celebrating.

I learned a lot this week about life & death.

It’s days like this to celebrate you’re alive, but to also remember those who are in a better place.

We’ll miss you Grandma Virgie.

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