Day 37- Story Tents


Today I volunteered for the Traveling Stories Story Tent. Traveling stories goals is in helping kids become obsessed with reading books. The kids either read a book to you, or summarize what they read. In return, they receive free “book bucks” which they exchange for a prize.

It’s one of the best programs i’ve been involved in because it gives kids the motivation to read and learn how to save “money”.

This was my first time volunteering. It was extra special  because it is 2 days before Halloween! I showed up in full costume as Sheriff Grimes from “The Walking Dead”. Some of the kids thought that I was a real Sheriff and wanted to read to me right away. It was so adorable because some of the other kids were dressed up as well.

I have been given one of the greatest feelings I’ve had this week.Just being with these kids for a few hours has really made an impact on my life. I cannot wait to inspire more at upcoming Story Tents.


You should too!

If anyone is interested we need more volunteers to help out at the El Cajon Farmers Market! Help the children of the future.


Sign up at


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