Day 41- Small Treasures


Part of what led me to this project of mine was in partial due credit to my recent “lucky streak”. By being grateful and thinking positively I was being rewarded. I have become a firm believer of “The Law of Attraction”.

I was never really a negative person, but i wasn’t always the most positive either. One day, I woke up and decided that I wanted to change my luck around. That’s when i discovered the Law of Attraction. I never win stuff so when i started changing my thoughts around magical things started happening.

They may not be big winnings, but they’re a luck meaningful to me. I wanted to share and inspire people to reach for that. That no matter how small or big things within your life to always be grateful.

Today I was so happy to find out I still had good luck and won 2 contests. One to have a private concert and greeting with musical star Charlie Puth. Also, 2 free tickets to participate in the Temecula Zombie Run.

Even though I’m not Charlie Puths biggest fan.

I’m grateful for having won the chance to go.

Like attracts like.

Believe positively and positive things will happen to you.

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