Day 43- Art San Diego 2015

Abee and I
 Humbling experience working the opening night VIP event today at the ART SD 2015 show. Thanks to my little sister Abee that I got a chance to participate in such an event. Abee is aspiring artist herself. It was a fascinating way to take a step into her world of art. I was so excited because I got to see art up close that i thought i would never get to see in my entire life.
Reading about artists such as: Warhol, Picasso and Chagall I got to see them up close at the art show. Though my life may seem exciting, yours can be too if you let it.
Got great advice from an artist named Zarah. She was told she would never pass as an artist and today her art is worth thousands of dollars. She told me all you have to do is believe you can do, work at it and you can do anything!
It goes for anything in life.

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Never set limits, always see how far you can go. I believe, everything happens for a reason. Even though my path isn’t clear, I’m very grateful to have met so many inspirational people at this point in my life.
Remember to always keep going because even though it may not seem clear: it will all make sense once you reach your destination.


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