DAY 44- A piece of my heart in Las Vegas

I know that I talk a lot about being optimistic and the journey of living in the moment. However, there is one issue I never like to air out on social media: My love life.

There actually has been someone special that I had been dating for the past 6 months. The problem is that our relationship was long distance as that he lives over 200 miles away from me. Even though it wasn’t serious yet, I wanted to see where it would lead. He’s traveled far to see me, and this time it was my turn. So this weekend I took a risk for love and bought a plane ticket to see him.

I wanted to see him one last time in order to see what our feelings were for each other. I have probably been hurt over 10000 times so it’s very hard for me not to be guarded when there is a possibility of something being very real.

When I arrived we went on one last trip together to see the Hoover Dam. Seeing this place and spending time with him gave me a chance to cross off 3 important things on my bucket list.

  • A place I’ve never been before (HOOVER DAM)
  • face a fear
  • and to love more

If only we were a little bit more honest in what we wanted maybe the situation would’ve turned out better.

I wish I got to tell him more that i valued our time together sharing ideas and our passions in life. He didn’t know that he was an influential part of my life. The fear that I had to face was ending the long distance relationship with a person whom I’ve learned to care for.

Long distance relationships are NEVER a good idea. Especially if you’re both headed for different directions in life. Though I won’t say what happened when we broke up, i admit we both played some childish games. However, I appreciated that we got to say goodbye in person. I am grateful for the chance to take risks on learning how to love more.


To the Prince of Indiana:

Though we parted all I want is that on our separate paths we will be happy. One day, i know that you will become an amazing and successful person. Just learn to be a little bit nicer and more honest. I will never forget you, thanks for teaching me how i want to be treated.



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