DAY 45 – Friends like this

Vegas, San Diego and SF!

If there is one thing I’m the MOST GRATEFUL for this weekend is that I have such awesome friends in many places.

Saturday, ready for OMNIA

This was my first time traveling alone to Vegas. Actually, I was supposed to be accompanied by some of my best cousins but fate had it that i would have to face it alone. However, It gave me time to hang out, catch up and have dinner with some old and new friends.

Saturday Night my friend Zoe and Carlos brought me out with some of their friends to eat sushi and then to go party at Omnia. After Hoover Dam, Vegas is what Vegas does best. Non-stop fun, party and all out vacation.

Sunday got to eat more sushi with my SD friend Aaron and his gf with Zoe and her crew.

Aaron and Vanessa

Leads me to conclude AYCE sushi is the locals fave. ( Kaya Sushi and Umiya Sushi are the best!)

Always remember to keep in touch with friends. Memories are best shared with great food.

Thanks guys!

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