Day 55- Kamayan Celebration.

Happy Birthday Kris

Today we celebrated my beautiful and amazing cousin┬áKris’ birthday. Kris is probably the longest person I’ve known that I grew up with.


For her special 30th birthday she decided to do something different than normal birthday celebrations. ┬áKris decided to make it a memorable one and have a birthday dinner true “Filipino” style. This is what you call in tagalog “kamayan”.

“Kamayan” in filipino, means to shake hands or in this case: feasting on your meals using just your hands. Traditionally you line the table you will eat at with banana leaves. You then prepare rice, meat, seafood, vegetables and other food in a row on top of the leaves. Then everyone at the table grabs what food they want to eat right in the middle.

It was an amazing experience that brought me a sense of sentimentality of when I lived in the PI. It’s nice to be with a big group of people that bond over food and a cause of celebration.


Happy birthday Kris and to many more birthdays to come!




To read more about The Filipino Culture Eating with your Hands CLICK HERE!



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