Day 63-65: Thankful Thanksgiving weekend


Thankful Thanksgiving weekend !

I had such a busy weekend so i decided to group them all together.

Here’s a little recap:

Day 63: Thursday Nov 26- Thanksgiving Throwback


Family Portrait. Western Style

Thankful Thanksgiving Throwback. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. The best thing about family you get to get together, eat and laugh at old photos. Happy eating everyone. . (& shopping)

Day 64: Friday Nov 27- Black/out Friday.

how i feel after black friday shopping

With the holidays just beginning.. I’m sure everyone is probably feeling at least like half zombie as I am. The holiday weekend isn’t over yet but black friday shopping got me beat. If you’re a traditionalist veteran BF Shopper like me, you probably walked off your thanksgiving desserts. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Shop smart and drive sober.


Day 65: Sat Nov 28- God Family


Minus driving up and down southern California, the best thing about the holidays is being able to spend it with family. Reunited with some of my God sisters and my God children today. It’s days like this that remind me we have so much to be thankful for. I’m happy I got to spend time with my amazing family.



Proud God Mother

I was reminded on why I started this challenge in the first place. To live 100 happy, grateful days.

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