Day 69- Literacy Awareness



Today I volunteered with the Traveling Stories team at this year’s NHSA conference.

A little about NHSA:

Head Start is the national commitment to give every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, an opportunity to succeed in school and in life. CLICK TO SEE NHSA WEBSITE

It was so inspiring to be surrounded by the many parents, teachers, and directors that are a part of NHSA. The many people ready to make a difference in their children, the communities children, or future children.

Traveling Stories table

Our mission in attending to the NHSA conference was to give casual coaching sessions to parents and directors on how to raise literacy awareness.

Such as:

  • Encourage the kids to read aloud to you.
  • Just being present. We are an important influence in a childs life. Just being there gives them the courage to read.
  • Read the pictures, you can make up your own stories using the pictures.

These were just some examples we gave out to the attendees at the NHSA conference. We also gave information abut the mission about our Story Tents at Traveling Stories. I got to meet people from all over the USA and pick their brains on how they help out their communities with head start.


Remember the kids are our future and reading is the key to unlock doors to a wealth of knowledge. I hope this post inspires us to encourage kids to become obsessed with reading. It’s days like this to remember inspiring and encourage a child to read.

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