Day 70 – Witnessing Miracles


With my challenge almost complete my family and I are super blessed to announce my dad had his first driving lesson today.


I’m delighted to mark off on my challenge bucket list that I witnessed a miracle.


It’s been almost exactly a year since my father’s stroke. For a long time my fathers wish was to be able to have the ability to drive again. Doctors, friends and even my family wanted him to slow down on the path  to recovery. We wanted him well and cautious before he started going on the road. Much to our surprise, he passed his drivers test and got his license renewed.

My father brought out his determination, to prove everyone wrong that before his one year mark, that he would start driving again.

Were so happy that he proved us wrong. That is just like my father to show his resilience. That if you really, REALLY want something: you can do it if you just put your mind to it.

Take a lesson from my dad: Never give up!!

This is definitely going to be a merry Christmas and a sign to a great new year!

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