Day 71- Season of Charity


My words of wisdom to the patients of Alvarado Hospital

Today my mission was all about giving back to the community. In lieu of the holiday spirit my day was full of volunteer events.

I started my morning at the Alvarado Hospital with my father for the Comebackers club trim a tree project. Stroke survivors, caregivers and voluteers spent the morning decorating miniature Christmas Trees. The trees were meant to be given to all the patients that had to stay at the Hospital during the holidays.

My dad

Last year, while my father was at Christmas in the hospital he also had received one. It was nice to finally be able to return the smile this year. I even donated my homemade mini swedish apple pies to inspire the survivors to give them a taste of the holiday season.


 Words of wisdom and hope for faith were written on notes to go along with the trees. Here is my fathers note:



Later on that evening, I also decided to volunteer for the December Nights at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Every year i love coming to one of the biggest events held in San Diego during the month of December. For one weekend they open all the museums at the famous Balboa Park and celebrate with food around the world, various vendors, and many cultural and holiday performances throughout. 

I wanted to give back so i helped cook chicken for yakisoba with the Japanese Friendship Garden. Many people gather together in the holiday spirit just to give back. The proceeds raised during December Nights went back to the organization to bring beauty and knowledge of the friendship between Japan and San Diego. I really enjoyed my experience.


Its days like this that make me fulfilled in giving back to the community. I believe during the holidays you have the choice to do anything you want. I chose to help make it a little bit brighter by giving back.

Sometimes its not about monetary donations, remember time is more valuable than anything in this world.

Heres to a happy december.

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