Day 72- Remembering#100daysofasia


“Pasalubong” or gifts from the Philippines: Fish flavored crackers, banana chips, Corn nuts.

I had a good friend recently come back from a trip in the Philippines and he brought me back some goodies. These treats are delicacies of my parents home country. I was so happy to eat them once again and it brought back memories of my #100daysofASIA photo challenge.

Bohol, Philippines with Angel

Last year 2014, my whole life changed when I decided to live and visit my friends and family in Asia. My grandmothers one wish in life was for me to one day come and live with her in the Philippines to see where my heritage came from. So when I became a certified pastry chef, I packed my bags and headed to Asia with my mother for her College Nursing Reunion. (and never came home until after a year.)

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Korea

With no plan, no job but with a little faith, support, love and family I embarked on the most adventurous, sentimental and life changing experience of my life.

For the last of my 100 days I documented my life there hence the #100daysofasia challenge. I lived, loved, seen and done things that only I could experience in my wildest dreams. I feel very humbled and appreciative of the life we have here in America. Seeing the third world and other cultures in person really gives you a different perspective on how we live our lives. It also gave me an understanding of how hard my parents worked in order to come to America for a better life. 

There are so many I truly miss my friends and family I met there.

Oh.. and I lost 35 pounds there!

Tasting this food gives me a bittersweet feeling of my former home.

My 30th birthday with some of the people I love the most

It’s days like this that gives me positive feelings towards these last few post of my #100dayslikethis challenge.

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