Day 74- You used to call me on a real phone.



Passed by a phone booth & realized kids these days will never know how to use one of these.

I remember having to rely on payphones to call my parents when I had to get picked up, or if there was an emergency or someone i needed to get a hold of.

Corded phones were so annoying to hold when talking for hours.

Or sharing the house hold phone to talk to my friends or boys and having to deal with making sure someone in the house didn’t pick up the phone line to listen in on our conversations.

Thank God for the inventions of cordless phones.. the best part of my teenage years when i wanted to talk to the cute boy i had a crush on.

*69 to block my number from caller id screenings, or paying to go on a three-way line with my girlfriends. Or house hold phones at all.

I remember those days well.


We’re so connected by our fingertips that we forget how to live without technology. I was so tempted to call my cell with this thing for fun… has anyone tried? Lol

It’s days like this that make me grateful for the inventions of cellular phones. It’s a blessing and a curse that our lives are instantly connected by such a device.

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