Day 76- back to home, back to life

Celebratory anniversary walk next the USS Midway

A year ago, was a dramatic life changing event for our family. Today is the one year anniversary of when my father had his stroke.



On December 9 of 2014, I remember standing in the kitchen with my cousin Angel as we cooked lunch when I got a frantic call from my mother. She told me to rush to the hospital because my father was inside the emergency room. When we arrived we waited for what seemed like hours to await test results to see what was going on. If only the doctors were able to figure out he had a severe stroke maybe they would’ve prevented it from progressing the way it did.


Over the next few weeks we found out that he had a very “special” kind of stroke the affected his nerves that could only be detected through an MRI. He had lost all feeling on the left side of his body, but we were grateful that his speech wasn’t affected. Last Christmas was spent traveling back and forth to see him at the rehabilitation center. He was finally discharged to go home with us for the New Year.

For this past year, I decided to stay and work at home as my fathers caregiver in order for him to be able to recover and help my mother. It’s been a tough job staying positive and giving my father strength.

There has been some obstacles along the way. He did get 2 more mini or “TIA” strokes within the year. However, it didn’t set my father back. He made a promise to himself that by the 1 year anniversary he would be able to walk again and move his left arm.

My family and I believe in a higher power and also hard work and determination. Even though my father may have felt helpless and weak, we actually think it’s quite the opposite. He proved everyone wrong and proved to himself that he could do exactly what he wanted to do.

He is now able to walk (even if it’s not fast), mobility in his left arm and hand, and heck he even started driving!

Life is full of miracles.

We’re proud of you dad and know 2016 will be even better!

Keep being our HERO.

Never give up!

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