Day 77- Dream Journals


Today, I got to hang out with a good friend and she let me share a peek of her dream journal.


I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. Being a positive passionate person, I’m so grateful to encounter many like minded people. That is why i was so excited to see that she had started a dream journal.

Dream journals, vision boards, planners or any sort of tool to help you visualize the things you want in life are something that I feel is necessary for you to move forward in life.

There’s a quote I once heard:


The moment you write down what you want to achieve the closer you are in achieving them. They are a way of reminding you of working towards something you really want in life. Isn’t that what its all about? Figuring out your purpose?

From the book “Think Big”. 

Remember you’re never too old to stop believing in your dreams.

You just have to start somewhere and take action.

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