Day 78- City of Angels.



                                 I’ve lived in and loved LA.

A city of music, art, Hollywood magic, friends and family. I always get excited when I come up here to visit. Few know that I once lived in Los Angeles for a semester in College. Those 6 months of my life definitely influenced a part of what I am today. I learned to open up to become a social butterfly, moving at fast paced environment in the city where dreams are made of.

 I got invited to spend a day with my sister Risa to visit her at Hotel Angeleno around the luxurious Beverly Hills. While waiting for her, I got to hang out with a gentlemen friend who showed me a little bit of the life in West LA. I had a taste of the romantic air of LA, sampling ice cream, dinners, and classy skyline lounges. It was definitely something worth experiencing on my weekend trip.

After being dropped off i got to have a sleepover after party with Risa and her co workers. They had just gotten off a holiday party and we decided to hit the hotel bar and then go back to the room to relax.

I know that this blog was a play by-play but i really am grateful to visit my old playground.  It’s really a different aura here and it’s been a second home to me.


It’s days like this that I’m happy to visit the city where dreams are made. 

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