Day 79- Lifestyles of the rich and famous.



Someday living in Beverly Hills

They say the key to success is envisioning your future and surrounding yourself with like minded people. So I’m not a millionaire or a celebrity, but it was nice spending the weekend feeling like one.



Explored more of the Beverly Hills area with my sister Risa. Did the touristy thing and went site seeing and took lots of pictures. On our adventure we did meet some amazing and influential people. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to place their photos and quotes without consent. However, it was fun and memorable as we got inspired by the people we met and places we went to.

Its crazy because I remember reading an article once about how the actor Jim Carrey practiced the law of attraction. He would drive up and envision himself living the life he wanted when he became an actor. A few months or a year later he got his wish fulfilled. I am a big believer in the law of attraction. So it was nice being surrounded by the inspiring people and environment.

Glad to have spent time getting inspired by successful people. It’s days like this to remember that you create your own path.


See it, believe it, achieve it.

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