Day 80 #100dayslikethis- Float



Behind this door is a space for open minds only.

Imagine being enclosed in a dark space filled with a salt water solution to help you stay a float. You are away from everything and everyone. You are completely not connected technologically. It’s just you and your mind floating in water for 2 hours in the dark.

Yeah, it’s real. Today I got to experience being inside a sensory deprivation isolation chamber. Also known as a float lab, float tank, or sensory attenuation tank used for relaxation, meditation and or to relax the muscles.

I’d say (for my experience) it was very interesting and enlightening. I am a spiritual person that likes to meditate once in a while. It was nice being able to relax and clear my mind. I’m so connected that sometimes i forget how to calm my nerves down.

If you were ever interested in trying, i at least recommend going  here at least once.

Before going in the Float Lab. Me and the sis didnt know what we were getting ourselves into.

It’s days like this that we should learn to spend time out from being wirelessly connected. You don’t have to try an extreme like me, but there’s a serenity once you find that quiet state of mind.


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