Day 97- Sunset, Sunrise

 I believe I  am absolutely the worst morning person ever! Which is why it surprised me that I was able to wake up and bring my sister Risa  to the airport.

On the way home,  I saw the most beautiful sunrise. As I drove along, it felt as though the heavens were shining to warm up the cold winter days we’ve been having. I admit I’m not very poetically talented, but it was a sunrise that takes your breath away and leave you speechless.

It’s an enchanting thing to look back at some of my favorite pictures of the 100 days are of sunsets, and not sunrise.  Like the picture below is a recent photo of my father walking at sunset. To me, sunsets can symbolize accomplishments.  Like the literal version, the accomplishment of another day.

It touches my heart, because during this challenge it makes me feel I have accomplished something. Seeing the sunrise was a symbolism of yet another beginning.

A new year, adventure and many more sunrises to come. It’s days like this, that make me embrace life-like the sun.

That instead of waiting for the accomplishment of your sunsets, arise to live life and enjoying creating new sunrises.






Sunset complete.  My father awaiting the new sunrise.

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