image Day 99- A Year of Mircales 2015

Reminiscing about my year in 2014, I believed that nothing could  top it. However last year in 2015, definitely surprised me more than I could have ever hoped for.


20151020_112118       The year began, bringing my father home from the Rehabilitation center to begin his journey to recovery.  With the help of his family and friends we were hoping love will bring him back to a normal life. For anyone who has met my father knows that he is a charismatic, knowledgeable and kind-hearted person always on the go. So to see him in such a vulnerable position was a tough one to witness for the year of 2015.  It’s definitely been a process of obstacles and victories as I spent the year helping out my family. For those of you who don’t know, I took a break from starting my career to become my fathers caregiver.


It wasn’t a very difficult decision for me, because I really love my 20151218_164002dad. I would never want my family to have to hire a stranger to take care of him. What most people don’t know is that being a caregiver for a family member is absolutely a very hard job. A job where one has to endure sacrificing,  learn a lot of patience, give lots of support,  gain super strength and have the ability to retain LOTS of positive attitude. There were many times I wanted to give up and cry because I really craved to start my life already. Its tough, trust me! Not only to see someone you love dealing with their own struggles of recovery, but being able to see the humor and light to keep the days going. However, My father is a GREAT man he had enough resilience  to go from being paralyzed on his whole left side of his body to being able to recover to the point where he has started driving and walking! 2015 you helped me witness many miracles.

This year in 2016, my sister and I plan to launch a “comedic relief support” website for other families who deal with staying positive for their loved ones.


Seeing as I was a full-time care-giver my schedule didn’t allow me to have a full time job or at least a traditional job. For a while, I was depressed because i so was used to making my own money, on my own time. I felt like i never had any time to doing anything on my own without feeling guilty. Which is why when my father and I joined a support group at my Fathers rehabilitation center it came out like a some sort of savior.

My father joined the Alvarado Comebackers Club and Golf Support Group. This is a group where other stroke survivors and their caregivers/families come to support one another by doing various events and get together. There the head manager suggested to me that I make sure to allow time  to pursue my own interests so that I could give my father his independence while i could retain my sanity. Yes and she was right.

I’m so thankful for that advice and that I have such a supportive family to let me have a break every once in a while. With that I was able to do find the following opportunities in the year 2015:

  • Be an activities leader for exchange students from China
  • Work for AMC networks during a film festival
  • Joined a part of the Yelp Elite
  • Become involved with the millennial minds of Clever Talks
  • Engage with Kids to other worlds by reading with Traveling Stories
  • Work as an actor for Sci Fi during comic con
  • Volunteer for many various organizations
  • Be a host family to 4 new friends from China throughout the year
  • Become inspired to write this 100dayslikethis blog


For 2016, I am positive these opportunities presented to me will become a greater part of who I am this year. I am certain that with my drive and ambition from 2015 has inspired me to make this an even better one.



I believe if you were to ask anyone who has ever met me to describe me in 3 words i think everyone would agree: Positive, Nice, Energetic. Along.. with other words like friendly, short, weird, crazy (but i only said 3!) Throughout the years, I’ve lost close friends dear to me as much as i’ve gained brand new supportive ones. It is when you are in your hardest of times in need (or a supportive ear to listen)  that you know when someone  can be called a friend. I’m so thankful for my closest friends that have been here during my time in need with my family’s situation. As well as for all the brand new friends who continue to offer guidance and positive vibes.

This has been an adventure of hanging with my close friends to making brand new and exciting friendships. Everyone has been so supportive that I cant tell you how grateful I feel.

In 2015, I’ve been on adventures with my best friends and family.


To hanging out with close, old, and new friends:


To the people I’ve met in 2015, thank you for being a part of my life. I hope to continue making memories with those I’ve known, just met, and will meet.



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