image Day 99.5- 2015 thoughts on LOVE.



In 2015, I’ve probably had my heart semi-broken a handful of times this year. What can I say? Secretly, throughout this crazy year of my life, I’m still deep down a hopeless romantic. To keep my sanity  while taking care of my father and possibly a hope for a family one day I decided to take dating seriously in 2015.  However, for that part of my life needs a blog of its own. Whilst I don’t advertise my love life on social media or the world-wide web, it doesn’t mean there was an absence of one.

I’ve learned many lessons from love from years of unrequited love, heart breaks, and or breaking hearts. 2015 has taught me that I’m worth more than I originally thought. Having my heart-broken on my pursuit to happiness gave me new confidence in myself to pursue greater interests in life.

It ultimately also led me to find the greatest love of my life.

 It took a while to understand and find it.

Who is it?

Why ME, of COURSE!

I’ve learned possibly the greatest lesson in 2015. To learn to live happily, positively LOVING me. Because if one day you wake up and discover you have nothing left, you’re still ultimately left ALONE. You will have to be okay with that, happy with yourself. Can you accept to be in your own company and truly gratefully love every part of you? I don’t know how many people can honestly answer that. That despite all your flaws, quirks, and interests you should love them inside and out.



To be very honest, there were times in my life i hated myself. Dealt with the never-ending battle with self-image and weight gain. Handling conflicts, unfinished career paths, lost loves, unfinished ambitions, failed businesses, etcetera.  My biggest flaw was that I wanted to take care of everyone else and make them feel loved, happy.

When I forgot that the person, should have been me. 


I am so thankful for 2015, for teaching me that self-love in a way, could be selfless at the same time. That loving yourself, you become a genuinely happier person. By becoming a happier person, you then can reach out to others to inspire them to love themselves as well.

Though I’m not sure if I’ve done my job correctly or not in inspiring others. I’ve discovered that it has now become my passion. That by accepting and building myself into becoming a better person, others will strive to do better for themselves.

I’m not a perfect person and I don’t pretend to be. No matter what anyone thinks of me, that im actually perfectly fine with that. The only person that needs to be okay with that is ME.

However, I still believe in romantic love. I just know better this time:
Love is about finding someone who loves you the way you love yourself and vice versa.


When that person finally shows up…….

Well I’d probably say I’d be the luckiest girl alive.

Live the new year for you, and you ultimately live for everyone else.

Remember that.




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