Day 1: A toast to 100 days like this

Today marks day 1 of my 100 days like this challenge.

I spent my┬ámorning eating breakfast and drinking mimosa’s on the beach with a few of the┬ápeople I care about. So happy celebrating the return of my cousin, end of the California drought, and a beautiful sunny day. I’ve been debating the past few days on when I was going to start my challenge. California just ended its first 6 day storm in over 3 years that it finally brought an end to the California drought. In perfect irony, the storm is over and spring is about to come. The new year is here and it’s time to start fresh and new!

Now I may be a little superstitious, but starting after new year 2017, before Lunar New Year, and after a storm, sounds like a great time to start a challenge. I’m not certain where these 100 days will take me, or what lessons I will learn. I do know for sure that I will be toasting before and after it is all over. Because life should be like that. Finding something to be thankful about. Even if it’s just a rainbow after the rain.


So I raised my glass to toast the beginning of an adventurous and hopefully interesting “100 days like this”.

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