Day 3: Lunar New Year

“Don’t fill your life with days, fill your days with life.”

There’s a saying that what you do at New Year, determines how you will spend your year. Both 2017 and Lunar New Year, I spent it with some amazing friends eating some delicious food.


Got to have brunch with my awesome 남동생 (namdongsaeng) or in English, my little Korean brother Eric. See how handsome he is? 

I first met Eric when I was Club President of the Mesa College Chinese Culture Club. Thanks to Eric, I learned all the best Korean words during Chinese Club.

“Joona Jjang Eric. Joona Jjang!! (Translation: You’re the Fucking Best!)

Since my real brother turned to Korean culture, we added Eric as a part of our family as our little Korean brother. We got to catch up whilst eating good food at Waypoint Public restaurant. I was most excited when he came bearing my gifts! The final CD from my favorite Korean Boy Band: Big Bang. Conversation, music, and food is always the best way to start the day.


Fast forward to the evening, I joined my old friend Milly to watch Ali Wong perform stand-up. (If you haven’t heard of Ali Wong, I suggest you watch RUN to turn on your Netflix and watch her movie “Baby Cobra”. I admire Ali Wong because she is one of the only female comedians to break the barrier of not only being a female comedian, being a working comedian mother, but to also shatter the stereotypes of asian women. Ali Wong was definitely the highlight of today’s events. I could not stop laughing and I’m sure many mothers out there will appreciate her humor. Minus all the rim jokes (Bonus points if you watched Ali Wong and know what i’m talking about.)



I was so grateful that Milly had an extra ticket because not only did I get to catch up with an old friend, I got to make a couple of new ones. We spent before and after the show drinking, eating and bar hopping in the Gaslamp San Diego. (Well, everyone else was drinking, I couldn’t because I’m currently on antibiotics.)


I got to hang out with some really awesome and welcoming friends. Even though I didn’t get to drink, they never made me feel left out for being the sober one.  There were 9 of us that Saturday hopping from bar to bar enjoying conversations, listening to good music, and enjoying more delicious food. It was definitely the best way to end the night.

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Spent my Lunar New Year laughing, eating, smiling and in the company of old and new friends. Thank you to everyone I spent today with, I am fortunate to have spent it with you.


Waiting to see Ali Wong at Balboa Theater.


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