Day 4: Joy and luck club

“If you must play, decide upon three things at the start:

  • the rules of the game,
  • the stakes,
  • and the quitting time.”

Chinese Proverb

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Unfortunately, due to my Filipino culture my family doesn’t celebrate it traditionally like other Asians do. My parents raised us with a different kind of Chinese New Year tradition:   trying our luck for good fortune.

So today, I took my parents to one of the nearby casinos to fulfill their wish for a chance of a fortunate year. As you can see, I consider myself lucky to walk out today doubling my money. I was going for the crown, but I actually won the blue diamond and green coin. (Thanks chinese themed casino machine. Yes, the choice was intentional.)

Whenever I think of gambling, I always remember that Chinese proverb. I believe it is one that you could actually apply to life. You could relate it in sports, relationships, decisions, or whatever is going on in your life.

Take dating for example.

Say you pick out the potential people you are interested in. What are you going to do? Will a person be for play or can it turn into something serious? Depending if you chose right or wrong, what will you lose or gain? Heartbreak or happiness? If you feel like the odds aren’t in your favor, when do you finally say it’s time to quit?

Whether you consider yourself a gambler or not, we’re always playing the game. Like I said, I don’t traditionally celebrate the Lunar New Year but I do consider myself an occasional gambler. If this weekend was any indication of my luck this year, I’m betting on walking out with more than I expected.

One thing I’ve learned in life was that those who want to achieve inner happiness usually go out of their comfort zone to do so. They regularly test their luck (or lack of) on what gives them joy in life. They are probably the biggest gamblers of them all! I respect those who are willing to take those kinds of risks. However, if you do decide to gamble (in life or with money) I hope you always remember step 3 of the Proverb.  You are the one that has to know when to quit while you’re #winning.

Somehow my day at the casino made me write about a life lesson. See what happened when I risked writing about my life for the next 100 days? Gambling on a Chinese holiday brought out a Chinese proverb for gambling life lesson and reminder.

With that being said, I hope this year you get inspired to join the joy and luck club.

Finding your joy and your luck.

By living days like this.


(haha.. and yes. I was trying to make a pun out of 1989 novel, “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan.

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