Day 5: Doodle Days

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

Doodle days.

I am no Picasso but I appreciate doodle art every now and then. I find it relaxing in drawing,  “Just because.”.

I drew this neon portrait over me during my errands today. I just hate waiting at the doctors or in line for hours. So doing a doodle every now and then helps bring my world into color. Also ultimately killing my boredom.  I think this post perfectly sums up my day.


Here are photos of other times my Samsung Note 5 saved my life.

Thanks Snapchat!!


R.I.P Prince
As you can see i’m such a Star Wars nerd.


Star Wars problems.


Ed Sheeran got me like….
Fun at the Getty Museum
Darling, please accept my heart
My version of reality.
Just me like….

Everyone needs days like this. Those days you fill with a hobby to keep you occupied and creative.

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