Day 6: 94 Buddha

“What people expect to happen is always different from what actually happens. From this comes great disappointment; this is the way the world works.”

-Sutta Nipata



Today is day 6 of my challenge and I have 94 days left to go. It seems like a very long time, but i know that it will probably go away just as fast it came. Last week I found this book at a local thrift store. So today I decided to read through the book and discovered the quote by Sutta Nipata.

Nipatas quote really is a great Buddhist teaching or reflection because the saying rings true. Don’t put so much effort in expectations on anything otherwise you can set yourself up for disappointment. Usually the things we want, don’t happen the way we want them to.

For example:

  • guy get girls number
  • girl expects the guy to call
  • he doesn’t
  • she set her expectation and was left in disappointment


Best photo to accurately describe Nipatas quote


Or for a good ending:

An athlete whom everyone expects to fail, wins the Olympic Gold Medal, the crowd gets disappointed because he proved them wrong.

There are so many perspectives in which this quote can apply to life. There’s an age old saying, “A watched pot never boils.”.  It’s like looking at the clock waiting for time to go by faster.

However, have you ever realized that some of your happiest moments were unplanned?  Because you didn’t expect it, the results seemed a little bit sweeter. When you are just focused on living in the moment life tends to reward you with surprises.


I decided that this book was going to be my new read during these 100 days. I’m hoping that it will grant me inspiration, guidance and a clear mind as I go through each day. I’m not buddhist but I believe its teachings guides you into becoming a decent and insightful person.



So for the next 94 days……

I want to be excited about not knowing what the future holds. Then cry happy tears because it was better than expected by not expecting.

I’ll be throwing out expectations and about to just go with the flow.

Better to be surprised that to be disappointed.

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