Day 7: Zooventures

”Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.”

– Jaime Lyn Beatty.



Theres a Chinese proverb that also applies.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


I’ve been blessed to have had a job that fulfills both. For the past 2 1/2 years Mariann and I have been the inseparable crazy duo co-workers.We had the privilege of working with students from China & Europe and lead them to unforgettable adventures. I love kids and I love being a tourist/tour guide. Life feels full when you find something you enjoy that doesn’t feel like work.

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Mariann and I missed our students so much this winter that we decided to have our own. A spontaneous girls trip to the San Diego Zoo.  We tend to be the most silly people to hang around with. We are both super energetic, love to talk to everyone, and take funny pictures.  Our students will probably tell you we’re animals ourselves. So it’s pretty normal that we usually have way too much fun taking selfies and photos throughout our day.



If you have never been to the World Famous San Diego Zoo, I recommend coming at least once in your life. It is one of the best and biggest in the world. There is so much to see and do. Here are some of the animals we saw today.


After our shenanigans, we went to have dinner at Queenstown Public House in Little Italy, San Diego. It was a cute restaurant in an old style home, with lots of cool decor. Like a room with sheep and grass up in the ceiling. The food was also pretty tasty.


Then headed for desserts at a place called Extraordinary Desserts.


It’s days like this that makes me grateful for good friends, job, and adventure. I’d say today was a good day.

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