Day 8: All of the lights 

 “Just keep me where the light is.” -John Mayer.

Somewhere high on a hill I got a glimpse of the San Diego skyline.

It was just an ordinary day. But seeing the gold city lights shimmer, it was absolutely beautiful to me. People who have met me know that I can be ridiculously positive. To the point of wondering what is it that could break me.

However, I used to be there. Broken and lifeless. It’s kind of crazy to believe there once was a time where I didn’t see a point to anything in life. No matter what I did, I was never able to see the bright side of things. The darkness had dimmed my light.

I’m sure everyone has gone through that moment, maybe going, or will go through it someday. This is dedicated to anyone who is feeling lost, confused, or whatever you’re feeling. Find your light and keep going. Don’t let gravity keep you down.

Because trust me, time heals anything. Even faster when you change your perspectives. I believe that this post can serve as a reminder to everyone that even ordinary things or places have a purpose.

Just like the cityscape reminded me of how far I’ve come. To how bright ones light could go.

Live one day at a time, and appreciate the little things on days like this

“Gravity” by John Mayer

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