Day 20: Hopeless Romantic

To all the boys ………

hearts I’ve broken, who broke my heart, will never, almost, and have loved.

This is dedicated to you.


       Someone had once asked me if I ever felt left out from all of my friends?  Year after year my friends would slowly pair off and venture towards their lives together. So yes, from time to time I would feel left behind in the love department.

However, what keeps me going is the fact that I still believe in it. THE THING CALLED LOVE.

I have broken as many hearts just as many as the times I have gotten my heart-broken. I’ve cried enough tears, and been disappointed enough to just say “Fuck It”. Because the fact is, people fall in love everyday. In the most mysterious, simple or fated ways.

Today, the whole world (in a manner of speaking) celebrated LOVE. Valentines Day. What usually makes single people cringe or throw up, weirdly makes me happy. There probably isn’t a perfect couple out there, but today they took the time to appreciate one another. It is a beautiful thing to see that.

I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to all the boys who broke my heart or taught me a lesson. Without those experiences I would never be able to appreciate the maturity I have now. You would think that after all this time I would’ve given up and stayed bitter a long time ago. But with each experience it just turned me into a stronger person full of self love.

Thank you for helping to shape my life. I hope I have helped shaped yours and that you have learned from your pasts as well. Everyone deserves to be happy and loved. Because in the end, we all have a story worth telling about.

It’s taking a very (very) long time, but I know that someday I will finally have my Valentinr.

Until then, I don’t mind the single life adventures. 

Happy Valentines/Galentines/Single Awareness Day to all.

Celebrate all love.




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